Matthew 25 tells us that we impact the heart of God when we offer the less fortunate a “cup of cold water”, something to eat or a piece of clothing.  The word of God states that as we give to the least of God’s children, we do it as unto Him.  How Jesus must have rejoiced when Wings of Prayer Ministries came to an emaciated woman (suffering from bone cancer, and surviving on dog food), and had the privilege of blessing her with a box of ‘real’ food, in His name.


We met a lady who had searched the phone book looking for a church who would help her and her 2 children with food, while she waited for her initial Ontario Works cheque.  She shared with us that she was fleeing from an abusive spouse and was amazed that Wings of Prayer Ministries would offer her food and prayer with ‘no strings attached’.


We received a call regarding a desperate need for furniture. At the time I apologized to the caller and explained that we had no beds or mattresses, and told her that “ALL” we had were toss cushions, sheets, pillow cases, a blanket and a comforter.  I learned a valuable lesson that day as I discovered that what one man perceives as “petty”, another regards as a “treasure”.  (I.e. when you have absolutely nothing, anything makes a difference).  The woman was abundantly grateful for what “little” we thought we had.  To this woman our linens were “abundance”, since she no longer had to sleep on a bare floor covered by a towel.