Details of Activities

Wings of Prayer Ministries has categorized their activities into three distinct areas: Spiritual, Physical and Social (Emotional).  Since our main objective is to evangelize and win souls for the kingdom of God, Christian objectives and content are present in all areas and activities.  All activities with an A*@ are located at 300 Colborne Street.

Meeting Spiritual Needs

  • *Sunday Morning Worship Services: There is a worship service held in the meeting room every Sunday morning from 10:00AM – 12:00 noon.  These services consist of an opening prayer, a singing (worship) time, and a sermon based on the Word of God.  We close our service with individual and corporate prayers.  Coffee, and donuts are provided each Sunday prior to the service and at the midway point, as well as a light lunch is provided following the service.
  • *Wednesday Night Bible Studies: There is a Bible Study/Prayer meeting held from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.  These services consist primarily of prayer and studying the Word of God, and throughout we allow a Asharing, support and encouragement@ time.  Coffee, is served during the Bible study.
  • Chaplaincy visits: Visits are carried out on a regular and/or weekly basis as requested.  These visits are not limited to the congregational attendees, but include people in the London and surrounding area who have been made aware of our ministries either through >word of mouth= or through our brochures, our ministry cards or our >fridge magnets=.  Each visit usually lasts about an hour and during these visits we endeavour to create a calm, supportive, friendly, non-threatening atmosphere whereby mutual trust and the Godly (moral) principles of >caring for others= are established.  The purposes of the chaplaincy visits are multi-faceted, and include:
    • Meeting physical needs (sometimes food is brought in to help out a family) and furniture is provided for those in desperate circumstances
    • Showing the love of Christ
    • Encouraging people and developing Godly relationships with them
    • Making people aware of other aspects of our ministry whereby we can continue to provide assistance as outlined in the enclosed brochure and help to connect them with other ministries and/or agencies that can meet their needs.

Meeting Physical Needs

Food Outreach Program

We are presently engaged in delivering groceries to families and individuals who we perceive as having a need. We become aware of these needs through the ministry telephone line or via word of mouth.  After we make an initial assessment of the situation and determine that there is a Areal need@, we deliver approximately $20.00 worth of groceries to the family or individual, while at the same time conducting a Chaplaincy visit (as described above).

The aim of this program is to allow people who have received food (and other willing volunteers in the community) to then use their time and energy in order to do the same for others.  In so doing, the original Ahand out@ then evolves into a Ahand up.@ (I.e. the person who first Areceived,@ now finds a sense of value in becoming a part of Agiving back@ to others.)

Clothing Exchange

Since the beginning of our ministry August 16th, 2002, we have had clothing donated to us.  As members of our ministry become aware of a clothing need, we use this clothing resource to help out wherever possible. At this time we hold a >Clothing Giveaway,= three or four times a year which is very successful In order to make people aware of the event, we created posters, placed them on the bulletin boards of  approximately 17 social; agencies in the immediate area of our building, and  invited  the residents  to come to our facility and >help themselves=. We handed out clothes that were seasonally appropriate for summertime, as well as winter coats and warm sweaters that served as a preparatory measure for the cold winter months ahead.

Meeting Other Needs:

As the need arises, we assist in helping people move residences.  We have also, on numerous occasions, driven residents to doctor=s appointments and grocery stores.

Meeting Social Needs

Movie Nights

Approximately every six to seven weeks, we gather together for a movie night.  This allows the participants an opportunity to enjoy a  movie based on Christian principles and also affords them the opportunity to fellowship with other participants. Popcorn, donuts, pop and coffee are served during the movie night.


Picnics have been  successful social events.  This event encourages people to get out and fellowship with each other in a harmonious and peaceful setting.